Dhamma News

January 2011

Medical Clinic Renovated

The medical clinic has now been completely renovated and provides care for the most common medical problems. If you experience a serious health issue you would be brought to doctors and clinics in nearby Yangon if necessary.

Kitchen and Dining Hall Improvements

The kitchen staff has been trained to maintain high standards of food handling hygiene (i.e. preparation and cooking). Of course in a forest environment some compromises are inevitable, but overall, they do excellent work.

The entire dishwashing room is being remodeled to help reduce cross contamination.
A kitchen upgrade is planned for the very near future which will include:

  • Larger sinks
  • A pressurized water system (for spray rinse and dishwasher)
  • A boiler system for hot water

The dining hall now runs on solar energy. This high quality system is quite unique to Burma. Imported from Singapore, it was installed by experienced Burmese engineers. The center plans to install a similar system in various buildings throughout the center. This will also allow a hot water boiler system to eventually be installed for yogis for a dependable hot water supply.

Sayadaw U Kavinda, a senior monk, works tirelessly to manage the staff and help plan and execute projects, in addition to interviewing meditators during the retreat.

Communication Support at the Center

All of the meditation teachers speak English, so translators are no longer necessary. This year there were quite a few Chinese and Korean yogis who did not speak English. A translator was arranged for their interviews and to translate the Dhamma talks.

Overall, the center provides an extremely supportive environment to practice Satipatthana Vipassana meditation. The teachers are exceptional and the staff supports the yogis with huge amounts of metta (loving kindness).


ClinicNewly Renovated Medical Clinic

Ensuring Your Donations are Put to Work

As always, Saddhamma Foundation staff personally made sure that your generous donations were effectively used. We arrived two weeks before the retreat began to determine the needs of the center and often went shopping ourselves to select what was needed.

Sayadaw U Sasana’s forest and city center (GanGaw Myaing) is rapidly nearing completion. Again, your generous donations have helped support his tireless efforts to upgrade his center, allowing for both the teaching and meditation training of monks and novices.

It was only a few years ago that his center could barely support the training of young novices due to a lack of funds. Happily, this has now changed as supporters have come to realize the importance of Sayadaw's efforts.