Books for Meditators Earnestly
Trying to Improve Their Character

The Method of Vipassana Meditation
by Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw

The Way to the Happiness of Peace

by Sayadaw U Pandita
(Free PDF download)

The Meaning of Satipatthana (PDF) by Sayadaw U Pandita

In This Very Life

by Sayadaw U Pandita
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Dhamma Discussion Series, Vol 1

by Sayadaw U Pandita
(Free PDF download)

The Nine Essential Factors Which Strengthen the Indriya of a Vipassana Meditating Yogi

by Saddhammaransi Sayadaw U Kundala

Sharing Dhamma Abroad

by Saddhammaransi Sayadaw U Kundala

All of the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw’s Commentaries/Books

(Many are available for free download from Yellow Robe)

The Ballad of Liberation from the Khandas

by Venerable Acariya Mun Bhuridatto
(Available at Access to Insight)

"Becoming aroused by difference of opinions
Finds pleasure in defeating others in debates
By all this, mental energy is diverted into futile unprofitable channels.

If one cannot keep one’s senses under control
Or easily allows one’s mind to become excited or diverted
One then grows slack and careless

And cannot find unification of mind or inner peace to be
obtained in this Satipatthana Vipassana meditation."

-Sayadaw U Kundala
(Disciple of Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw)