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Practice at Tathagata, San Jose California

Panditarama Forest Meditation Center

Map of Burma Located about forty miles north of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) on over 100 acres of landscaped forest, the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center has all the requisites to support your meditation practice. In a beautiful, natural setting, the center offers:
  • Separate meditation halls for men and women
  • Dining halls
  • Interview rooms - where you get instruction from your meditation teachers
  • Comfortable, well-constructed cabins for single accommodations
  • Ample space for walking meditation.

This region of Burma has a special connection with Sayadaw U Pandita’s early spiritual training. He first studied as a young monk at the nearby Mahabodhi Forest Monastery. For many years, Sayadaw U Pandita thought of building a forest meditation center in this area, and due to generous donations from Sayadaw’s local and international devotees, Panditarama Forest Meditation Center has become a major practice center for both foreign and Burmese yogis.

The meditation center is open year-round for meditation practice. 

From December 1st to January 31st, the Forest Center conducts the annual Sixty Day Special Retreat which hosts over 100 meditators from around the world for a silent, intensive meditation retreat.

>> Find out more about the Special Sixty Day Meditation Retreat 

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