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Practice at Tathagata, San Jose California

How To Apply

Registration fees are not required to practice at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center, and all the teachings, room and board are offered freely. However, yogis should understand that the center depends entirely upon donations to feed the monks, nuns and yogis each day. The center also has many other expenses related to maintaining the facilities and taking care of the yogis and staff. Additionally, in Burma, inflation is extremely high, and high quality food (especially protein) is very expensive. Therefore, the existence of the center depends entirely on the generosity of donors.

Although there is no fee to attend these retreats, yogis who attend the retreat are expected to adhere to and respect the rules of the center. In addition, they are expected to practice diligently in accordance with the instructions given by their meditation teacher. This annual retreat is made possible by teachers and supporters who understand the invaluable opportunity this center provides for intensive meditation. Yogis can give dana (donations) before or after the retreat.

Space is limited and preference is given to yogis who commit to the entire 60 days.

Application Process for the Annual 60-day Retreat

Registration begins April 1, .


>> To Apply to the Annual Sixty Day Retreat Use our Online Application Form

We will notify you upon receiving your application. Once it has been approved, Panditarama will email you a sponsorship letter for you to print and use to apply for your meditation visa.

The completed application will be provided to Sayadaw U Pandita for use by the Sayadaws during the retreat. Please be thorough and honest in your answers so that the Sayadaws can more skillfully guide your practice.

Application Process for Year Round Practice

If you wish to practice at the forest center outside the dates of the Annual Sixty Day Retreat (Dec 1 - Jan 31) you may apply using our Year-Round Retreat Form.

Meditation practice in this style can be an intense and powerful experience. Since this setting is far removed from your normal support system, it is helpful that we have a full understanding of each person's background. This information will be kept in the strictest confidence.


People with psychiatric or pronounced psychological difficulties occasionally come to retreats with the expectation that the retreat will cure or alleviate those conditions. Although meditation practice may be of benefit, a period of silent, intensive retreat is not recommended in this situation. A meditation retreat is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, and we do not recommend this retreat for these types of conditions. If you have questions about this, please contact Saddhamma Foundation.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you cannot come to the retreat, please notify us or Panditarama as soon as possible. This way other yogis who may be on a waiting list can be contacted.


Donations made to Saddhamma Foundation are tax deductible. You may specify how you would like the donation to be used, or it can go into a general fund for priority projects.

Donations can be safely made using Paypal or mailing a check to the address above, made payable to Saddhamma Foundation.

Monk with Umbrella
"The gift of Dhamma excels all gifts.
The flavor of Dhamma excels all flavors.
The delight of Dhamma excels all delights.
The eradication of craving overcomes all suffering."

-The Buddha, Dhammapada Verse 354