Novice monk at Sayadaw U Sasana's Gant Gaw Myaing Monastery in Burma

Support Buddha's Teachings in Burma

Your Donations Help Sustain Our Noble Lineage

Burma holds a rare gem in its midst.

The Buddha’s teaching has been passed from generation to generation in Burma for over 2500 years. It is now our responsibility to continue this legacy by supporting our meditation teachers and their study and meditation centers.
The main dining hall at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center
Help Provide Drinking Water and Healthy Food
With your support, Saddhamma Foundation has worked continuously to improve the nutrition and water purity at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center and the Gant Gaw Myaing Monastery in Burma.

Your generous donations are vital in order to ensure that suitable food is available for the monastic and lay residents as well as the international yogis. This includes plentiful protein and fresh vegetables. It is also essential that purified drinking water is always available. The cost of feeding yogis during the Sixty Day Retreat at Panditarama has dramatically increased, so your support is more important than ever.

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Sayadaw U Pandita Inspects Construction Site
Promote Health and Hygiene Education
Since the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center opened, Saddhamma Foundation has also worked to improve the kitchen hygiene through educational materials and training as well as providing the Forest Center with cleaning supplies and kitchen equipment.

Maintaining high, international standards helps us ensure that yogis will be healthy and able to do intensive meditation practice in a safe and supportive environment.

Education and training also improves the health of the local Burmese and promotes a healthier future for their families.

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Novice monks at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center in Burma
Train the Next Generation of Buddhist Masters
Saddhamma Foundation continues to support the training of young monks and nuns, the meditation masters of the future, at the Gant Gaw Myaing Monastery and the Panditarama Forest Center. Lay Burmese Buddhists don’t visit study centers as frequently as meditation centers and therefore study centers are often poorly funded.

Yet, study centers, such as the Gant Gaw Myaing Monastery, are vital to the training of Buddhist monks and the future of traditional Buddhist teachings.

Life for the Burmese Sangha and Laity Has Become More Challenging
More than ever international support is essential to ensure that in these extraordinarily difficult times the monasteries can meet their basic needs. During a visit to Panditarama in early 2010, we learned that the cost of feeding the yogis and staff during the Sixty Day Retreat at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center has increased to $500 US per day. In the past, it cost about $350 US per day.

Dedicated, thoroughly trained monks and nuns provide a rare, authentic link to the precious teachings of the Buddha, and they depend entirely on the donations of lay people for their food and other material needs.

It is essential that we ensure their requisites are met, so the light of Buddhism will remain strong, and those who wish to practice the Buddha's teachings can do so in Burma.

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Many of Us Will Be Forever Grateful for Practicing Meditation under True Buddhist Masters

Thousands of meditators from around the world have visited the Sayadaws' well-run meditation centers to receive instruction from experienced teachers. As the monks and nuns work tirelessly for the spiritual benefit of people around the world, they also maintain their traditional role of guidance and inspiration that is central to the Burmese people's well-being.

The Burmese dhamma community has shown us extraordinary generosity since we first practiced meditation in Burma (Myanmar) in 1980. Then and now, yogis from all over the world are welcomed as family, and the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center provides meditation instruction, room, and board all free of charge. Please support them as they continue to promote the living Buddhist tradition.